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Finish Color Guide Chart

Depend on us for detailed information on the performance, integrity, and weatherability of anodized finishes, and for specifications on the color retention, erosion resistance, and gloss retention of painted finishes.

AAMA Code Code Performance Content Applicable
EZ Vent
Colors Available
Anodized aluminum provides and maintains a superior level of performance in terms of film integrity, exterior weatherability, and general appearance for many years.
Two-step electrolyic anodizing process
Standard Linetec 5yr. warranty applies on class one anodize (a)
Standard Finishes:
Clear Class II** (C2)
Dark Bronze (DB)

Special Finishes:
Clear Class I* (C1)
Champagne (CH)

Medium Bronze (MB)
Extra Dark Bronze (EB)
Black (BL)
Co: 10 yrs – Fade = 5 Delta E
Ch: 10 yrs – Chalk = 8
Gl: 10 yrs – 50% retention
Er: 10 yrs – 10% loss
SS: 4,000 hrs
Hu: 4,000 hrs
70% PVDF
10-Yr Linetec
Warranty (a)
Standard Pricing:
Bone White (1P)
Ivory (AP)
Sandstone (5P)
Burnt Sun (7P)
Sierra Tan (QP)
Beige (BP)
Light Sea Wolf Beige (CP)
Boysenberry (9P)
Dove Gray (VP)
Slate Gray (WP)
Charcoal Gray (XP)
Patina Green (SP)
Dark Ivy (TP)
Hartford Geen (2P)
Military Blue (DP)
Interstate Blue (DP)
Colonial Red (RP)
Sage Brown (8P)
Quaker Brown (6P)
Black (3P)

Custom Pricing:
Nearly unlimited in-house blendable shades
Co: 5 yrs – Fade = 5 Delta E
Ch: 5 yrs – Chalk = 8
Gl: 5 yrs – 30% retention
Er: 5 yrs – 10% loss
SS: 3,000 hrs
Hu: 3,000 hrs
50% PVDF
5-Yr Linetec
Warranty (a)
Custom Pricing:
Nearly unlimited in-house blendable shades
Co: 1 yr – “slight” fade
Ch: 1 yr – “slight” chalk
Gl: no specification
Er: no specification
SS: 1,500 hrs
Hu: 1,500 hrs
Baked Enamel
5-Yr Linetec Warranty
(Adhesion only)
Custom Pricing: Nearly unlimited in-house blendable shades
KEY: Co = Color Retention, Ch = Chalk Resistance, Gl = Gloss Retention, Er = Erosion Resistance, SS = Salt Spray, Hu = Humidity
= Tubelite Standard Color Palette

NOTE: *Class I = Minimum 0.7 mil thickness, *Class II = Minimum 0.4 mil thickness, (a) Extended Warranty Available – contact EZ Vent. **Class II = Standard 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.



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